Friday, December 16, 2011


Wearing false eyelashes can take your look from plain and ordinary to glam diva. They can make your eyes pop under natural makeup or increase your "wow" factor for a night on the town. False lashes are also a great accessory for any holiday makeup look. Whether you add lashes for everyday or just want to rock them for your next social event, how you apply them can make the difference between looking hot and looking a hot mess!

False Lashes 101

Before you embark on your lash journey, you'll need to decide whether you want to do individual or strip lashes. If you use strips, measure them against your own lashes before you apply them by placing them onto your lash line. If they are too wide for your eyes, trim them from the outside or the corner with the longest length. You can curl your lashes both before and afteryou put on false lashes. You can also apply mascara

afterward to help blend the lashes with your natural ones. Black or white adhesive is not an issue, no matter what your skin tone, because it will dry clear. Finally, all lashes are not created equal. Some are meant for a single use, others you can clean with eye makeup remover and wear again.

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes are by far the most natural looking, but

also take the most practice to apply. Placing them along the entire lash line on top will give your lashes a longer and fuller appearance. You can choose short, medium or long lengths (whatever works best with your own lashes) to make them as conservative or dramatic as you want. Or you can place them only in the center or outer corners of your lashes to give you a more wide-eyed look. Individual lashes work on most all eye shapes, especially small eyes, without overpowering them. Using a pair of tweezers, lightly dip the base of the lash into your lash adhesive, then wait about 60 seconds until it's a bit tacky. Carefully apply them at the base of your own lashes where desired.

Strip Lashes

Strip eyelashes are in one

connected row, and come in various lengths and volumes. Lashes that appear separated will provide a more natural look, while thicker more dense strip lashes will give you a much more dramatic, high-fashion appearance. You can also cut strip lashes in half and put them only on the outer corners for an instant "eye lift." To apply these, you can carefully dip the base of the entire lash into adhesive, or use the stick end of a cotton swab to coat the base with adhesive. Wait about a minute until it's tacky, then gently press onto your lashes starting at the outer corner. Try to avoid putting the glue on directly from the tube. It can be a bit messy.

Fantasy Lashes

There may be occasions when you want to really step out of the box (a la Nicky Minaj or Lady Gaga). So when you're feeling like a rock star, you can experiment with lashes adorned with glitter, feathers, fashion colors, or that have outrageous length and volume. You can even apply them to the lower lashes.

It may take a little practice, but if if you're up for the challenge you'll be making holiday eyes in no time!

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