Saturday, June 18, 2016


Its not your mother’s beauty routine! The days of “one size fits all” beauty are long gone. The face of makeup and skin care  is constantly changing. Advancements in technology and the latest makeup trends have given us new ways to enhance our features naturally and help our skin maintain a youthful glow longer than ever.  That means we may need to make some adjustments to our everyday beauty routine to keep current. Here are some basic rules of thumb to help you revive and update your daily makeup and beauty routine.

Cleanse Correctly

Use a facial cleanser, not a body soap, designed for your skin type. It may sound silly but make sure your hands are clean if you are going to touch your face. A cleansing brush or other device is a great tool to help you cleanse more effectively. Use tepid water and blot dry when you’re done. Cleansing wipes are good in a pinch for quick makeup removal but make sure to give your face a thorough cleanse the following morning.

Get a Serum and Eye Cream

Facial serums are the new normal. These are light weight products with active ingredients, like anti-oxidents and hydrators, that penetrate more deeply into the skin. Serums should focus on your main skin concern, whether its lines and wrinkles, refined pores or increased radiance and should be followed with a moisturizer. Face creams are generally not concentrated enough for the delicate skin around your eyes so you’ll need a separate product. You wouldn’t use a body cream under your makeup would you?
 Use the same guidelines as a serum when choosing an eye cream, focusing on your main concern (wrinkles, dark circles etc). Simply tap onto the orbital bone that surrounds your eye and watch it work its magic.

Blush Naturally

Here are 3 steps for naturally looking blush: contour, blush, highlight, repeat. Use a deeper color ( not necessarily a bronzer) in the hollows of the cheeks. Apply a “pop” of color onto the apples, and a sheer highlight on the tops of the cheek bone. Blend lightly with a clean powder brunsh for the perfect cheek every time.

Simple Smoky Eye

The smoky eye is here to stay and has become a beauty staple rather than a passing fad. The most important thing to remember about the smoky eye is that it’s a technique and not dependant upon a particular color. So don’t jump straight to the darkest eye shadow you can find. Instead, start with a medium-deep tone. The most intensity should be focused at the lash line, both on top and under the bottom. Use a slightly lighter shade in the crease and a highlighter under the brow bone. Use brushes to blend. Finish off with a liner on top, under the bottom and on the water line for a very sultry look.

Brows That Wow

Grooming your brows is not an option. Have them shaped, tweezed, waxed, or threaded on a regular basis. Use a pencil, powder or pomade to define and fill in where you need it.
Stay beautiful,

Monday, January 18, 2016


The start of a new year is traditionally a time to re-evaluate and make positive changes to your lifestyle and daily habits. So when you’re thinking about making those important resolutions, don’t forget to include some changes to your makeup and beauty routine. Here are some easy adjustments you can start today to help you reach your goals in 2016.

1.       Be Kind to the Environment
There are more beauty brands now more than ever before who have not only eliminated questionable ingredients from their products, but also recycle containers and utilize resourceable materials in manufacturing. Do some investigating (you can google anything!) and make sure to support and patronize these brands whenever possible.

2.      Use Makeup Brushes and Wash Them Regularly
Okay ladies, it’s 2016… if you don’t know you better ask somebody! Using brushes to apply your makeup is the best way to get a flawless, natural and polished look.  There are some great brushes available now to fit any budget.  But make sure to clean them! Brush cleaner or your favorite facial cleanser will do the trick because they’re designed to break down and remove makeup, which works much more effectively than any shampoo for regular cleaning. Brushes used for creamy products like foundation and concealer should be washed daily, give all others a thorough cleansing once a week.

3.    Follow a Trend
            Whether its winged eye liner, false lashes, strobing or brightly colored hair, find beauty 
            trend you’d love to try this year.  It can be as subtle or dramatic as you want, just step 
            outside of your comfort zone. Take it one trend at a time though, not all at once.

4.      Find a Flattering Statement Lip
It can be a classic red or a sexy nude, but find an amazing lip color that complements your features and enhances your personal style.

5.      Give Some Lip Service
Speaking of lips, make sure you take care of yours!  Use a lip scrub or gentle face exfoliator to remove any dry, peeling skin and follow with a lip treatment or lip balm to moisturize and re-hydrate. The best ones now have a tint of color as well as sun protection.

Best wishes for a beautifully blessed and prosperous new year!