Sunday, November 23, 2014


      Hello beauties!

    With the glitz and glam of the holiday season getting closer and closer I wanted to post some tips to help you pull your look together.  I know we can all be tempted to get a little "cray cray" at the makeup counter with all of the holiday color collections. So just remember to keep these basic rules in mind when combining your colors so you can give great face this holiday season.

      Stay Beautiful!
There is a “no competition” clause for your face when it comes to makeup. Your makeup should be enhance your natural features and not be distracting on your face.  A smokey or vibrant eye shadow paired with a subtle lip or a bright intense lip color matched with a more neutral eye most always looks best.

Place your bronzer in the hollows of the cheeks, on your jaw line and at your hair line, then add a “pop” of blush color to the apples of your cheeks. Because no one blushes bronze

When you’re combining colors make sure to use either all warm or all cool shades together. They’ll blend well and not fight with each other. Finish your look with eye liner.

Apply your complexion color and/or powder first then highlight and contour. Match your foundation and powder to your actual skin tone not the color you would like to be.
And always start with a clean, fresh face.

Pink, plum, brown, red or coral lips should have the same kind of color on the cheeks.

Define and give shape to your mouth by applying lip liner. Blend it with your lip color so it doesn’t look obvious. If you’re going for the ambre look, lip liner should be no more than 1 shade deeper than the lip color you’re using.

A glitter eye shadow, eye liner or shimmery face powder is a nice touch but not all at the same time or everywhere on the face. Pick one feature and enhance with glitter there (see rule #1). Besides, you don’t want to be mistaken for a disco ball!

Your eyebrows should never resemble a Nike swoosh. Make them fuller using a pencil, powder or gel but stay away from black as it can look too severe. Opt for dark brown instead. Don’t over-tweeze or draw your arch in too high or you’ll have a surprised look all day.

Add a few coats of lash primer and mascara. Start at the root of the lashes and coat all the way to the ends to prevent clumping. Everyone should use mascara in black unless your lashes are completely blonde, then use brown. This is definitely the season for falsies.

Add a bright smile and self-assured attitude to the mix and you’re ready to take on the world

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Makeup Trends: From the Runway to the “Real Way"

Most of us already know that the amazing designer clothing we see gliding down the fashion runways help determine the popular styles at our favorite department stores and boutiques. But the makeup styles on the runway also help set the beauty trends we follow throughout the season. I know what you’re thinking. Some of those makeup looks are so crazy you could never imagine looking like that out on the street. But many of the makeup and beauty trends seen on the runway this Fall can actually be worn out in the real world.  Here are some great looks you can incorporate into your daily routine to help keep you beautifully fashionable and right on trend for Fall!

The Statement Eye
Bold black liner and brightly colored eyelids were front and forward on all the runways. Use pencil, liquid or cream/gel eye liner to get the look.  A super-thick line works best on a larger lid because on a small lid it can make your eyes appear even smaller. Green is the new black when it comes to eye shadow color from teal to forest. The focus is on the lid so leave the area under the lower lash line fairly clean and keep lips understated for dramatic effect. For that defined black outline try Revlon Colorstay Black Eyeliner (about $6) or Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($24)

                                     Metallic Eyeshadow

Metallic eye color is back in full effect, but not the 80’s disco ball glittery eye. This time it’s much more sophisticated and deliberate. Sweep it softly across the top of the eyes and under the lash line or pack it intensely between the lash line and the eye lid crease for a look that demands attention. Eye liner is a must with this look on both the eyelid and the waterline. Pair it with a subtle or intense lip, whatever fits your comfort level. My favorites of the moment Chanel Les 4 Ombres ($61) or Urban Decay Eyeshadow single ($20)

Pastel Color Streaks
Hair color continues to be a big trend for Fall but is heading toward pastels. Shades of pink, blue, green, purple even yellow can add a fun flair to an otherwise ordinary look. Use clip in pieces if you aren’t ready to make a full commitment. Try Anastacia Hypercolor Brow and Hair Chalk (about $20) or check your local beauty supply's selection of synthetic and natural hair extensions.

The Nude Face
Of course it’s not actually nude but it is a very nude look.  Skin is flawless, lashes are lush, brows are groomed and makeup not only blends in with but almost matches your skin tone.  Chose a BB/CC cream or a very sheer foundation to correct any imperfections in your skin and a light setting powder to control any shine. A makeup primer designed for your skin type will keep you looking fresh and natural all day long. And never underestimate the power of a great skin care routine! Try Iman Skin Tone Evener BB Cream SPF15 (about $23) or Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 ($43). For a great nude eye check out The Natural Shadow Palette from NYX (about $7.50)

 A Bold Berry-licious Lip  
Like the smoky eye, this trend seems to show up every Fall. Anyone can pull off the berry lip because it works on all skin tones from very fair to dark chocolate. Choose the intensity you’re most comfortable with. A sheer balm, stain or gloss will give you a subtle hint of color while a matte or creamy texture will add more drama. Go neutral or intense on the eyes…your choice.  If you only try one trend this season this should be it. Some of my favorite lip colors and textures come from MAC Cosmetics ($15-22)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nude and Natural Makeup Made Easy!

Hello Beauties,

Ever tried to get a natural look and end up looking like you're not wearing any makeup at all? When you're going nude it's important to choose colors that complement your skin's natural undertones and help enhance your complexion not match it. For some that may be brown tones, for others it might be shades of peach or plum. Just remember a light-touch is best, especially when it comes to foundation and powder.

Having healthy and glowing skin is also even more impotant when you're going with a nude makeup look. Make sure to use products designed for your skin type whether dry, oily, combination or breakout prone. If you haven't already added a serum to your daily routine then now is the time to start. Here's my video tutorial showing you how to get a great nude and natural makeup look. I've also included a couple of great skin care suggestions. I hope you enjoy it!

Stay Beautiful,


Saturday, May 3, 2014


Hello Beauties!

We've seen it on all the runways and fashion magazines this season. Lips in gorgeous shades of bright coral, fushia and red. Of course they are a bit exaggerated sometimes for dramatic effect, but they look amazing paired with bold brights and prints, or more casual attire. So how can you translate this look from the runway to the "real way"? Watch my latest video for some tips on how to wear a bright lip color that looks great with your complexion and undertones.

Stay Beautiful!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Complexion Perfection! How to choose the perfect foundation for your ski...

Hello All!

Ever have trouble choosing the right color of foundation, powder or concealer?  Somehow, it always seems to look good on your hand but when you get it on your face..disaster!  It may be because you are matching the surface shade of your skin but not the undertones in your complexion.

Here's a tutorial to help you get the perfect foundation color for your skin tone, whether your complexion is as fair as Snow White, or as deep as the gorgeous Lupita N'yongo.

Stay Beautiful,



Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Vampy Lip: Deep lipstick look that works on a fair or deep skintone

Great on all skin tones, the deep berrry/wine lip is no longer just for Goth Girls. It works with all skin tones and can take you from a day at the office to a night on the town. Want to learn how to rock this celebrity makeup look?  Check out this tutorial for some tips and tricks to help you along the way!

Stay Beautiful,


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Perfect Brows Made Easy!

Hello Beauties!

Ever wonder why those video tutorials for eyebrows are so complicated? Yea, me too. Perfect brows shouldn't take you all day to do. Here's a quick way to get those brows that "wow" in a few easy steps.

This is all you need:

  1. an eyebrow pencil (I use 2--for a natural looking, gradient color and intensity)
  2. a flat, angled brow brush
  3. eyeshadow/brow color that matches your own
Take a look at the video tutorial below. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions. Until next time!

Stay Beautiful,


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Friday, February 14, 2014


Hello Beauties!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, here's a great look you can create yourself in just a few minutes. If you have questions or need product info let me know and I'll get it to you asap.

Stay Beautiful,

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Happy New Year!

This time of year we are all making resolutions, so why not resolve to take better care of your skin? Here are a few simple rules to help you along the way.

1.  Start with clean skin
It may sound silly, but many of us do not cleanse our skin thoroughly on a daily basis. Water alone will not remove the compilation of oil, dead skin and pollutants, much less makeup. If you want your skin to be truly clean you will need to use a cleanser designed for your skin type. You wouldn't wash your clothes without detergent would you?

2.  If you aren't using a serum...start!
Adding a serum to your daily routine can help take your complexion to the next level. Serums go on before your moisturizer. There is one to address every concern, from skin that's dull and discolored to helping eliminate lines and wrinkles. Determine what your major concern is and then find a serum that can help correct the problem. A couple of my favorites:  

Lancome Advanced GenefiqueYouth Activating Concentrate ($84-134) In addition to giving you visibly smoother and more radiant skin in about 7 days, this one will also reactive 10 key signs of a youthful complexion.

Olay Pro-X Skin Tightening Serum (about $50) This fragrance-free serum immediately tightens and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles and hydrates skin for a fuller more firmed appearance.

3. Hydrate the eye area
Besides being the windows to the soul, your eyes can also be a dead give away to your age.  Hydrating your eye skin will help soften fine lines and provide a smoother application for your concealer and eye liner.  One to try:  Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado($28.50) This opthalmologist and dermatologist tested cream is formulated with avocado oil and will gently moisturize your delicate eye skin.

Until next time. Stay beautiful!