Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nude and Natural Makeup Made Easy!

Hello Beauties,

Ever tried to get a natural look and end up looking like you're not wearing any makeup at all? When you're going nude it's important to choose colors that complement your skin's natural undertones and help enhance your complexion not match it. For some that may be brown tones, for others it might be shades of peach or plum. Just remember a light-touch is best, especially when it comes to foundation and powder.

Having healthy and glowing skin is also even more impotant when you're going with a nude makeup look. Make sure to use products designed for your skin type whether dry, oily, combination or breakout prone. If you haven't already added a serum to your daily routine then now is the time to start. Here's my video tutorial showing you how to get a great nude and natural makeup look. I've also included a couple of great skin care suggestions. I hope you enjoy it!

Stay Beautiful,


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