Monday, April 9, 2012


Hello Makeup Mavens!

Well, it's time once again time to put our spring faces on. And what better way to begin than with a clear, bright complexion? So before you rush off to your favorite cosmetic counter to try on the newest foundation formula or the latest lip color, here's a little refresher course in Beauty 101.

Exfoliate and Hydrate
You know by now that the two most important steps for good skin are to exfoliate and hydrate. I found a great product that will cleanse and exfoliate your skin all in one step. Olay Pore Minimizing Cleanser + Scrub ($6.99) gently exfoliates and deep cleanses your face, all while smoothing out the look of large pores. Great for all skin types and you can use it day or night to jump-start your skincare routine.

Brighten Up
Want that youthful spring glow? Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate from Lancome (.68oz $60) boosts your skin's radiance, improves its clarity and tone, and makes it softer to the touch in just 7 days! (no joke, I've tried it). Just a couple of drops under your moisturizer and you'll get that youthful glow back in no time.

Bliss Triple Oxygen +C
Energizing Cream ($54) This cream-gel formula brightens and revives dull, stressed skin instantly while it moisturizes. It evens out your skin tone and helps promote collagen but contains no parabens, sulfates, etc that can be harmful to your skin. What more could you ask for?

Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag
Out with the old and in with the new! Now's the time to get rid of old mascara, out-dated lip and eye colors and that teeny, tiny pencil that you have such a hard time finding in the bottom of of your bag. It's time to stock up on some new spring shades! Put away that deep plum blush and opt for a soft coral one instead. Ditch the deep brown lipstick and switch to a sheer pink gloss. Think Spring Break in Palm Beach. Your wardrobe changes with the seasons, why aren't you doing the same with your makeup?

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