Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Bombshell is Back at the MTV Video Music Awards

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Aside from the well deserved tributes to the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, and the drama and controversy of "Kanyegate", from a beauty perspective at this year's MTV VMA's one thing was clearly obvious--the "bombshell" is back!

You can tell just by looking at Katy Perry, Madonna or even Lady Ga Ga that this sensuous look can work on most everyone. Here are some tips to help you as you channel your inner bombshell.

Classic Rocker Chic
This take on the smokey eye is empasized with black eyeshadow and eyeliner and a subtle lip. False lashes add drama. Lips can go from soft shades of pink or coral to
almost nude. We saw it on Pink, Solange Knowels, reality star Kristin Cavalleri and Amanda Bynes.
DIY tip: Apply eyeshadow and liner before your concealer to minimize the clean up from eyeshadow "fall out". Blend powder shadow over your liner underneath the eyes to add staying power. A full coverage foundation with a mat or semi-mat finish completes the look.
Beauties like Katy Perry, Nellie Furtado and Madonna kept their bombshell look retro by toning down the eyeshadow and eyeliner or skipping it under the bottom altogether. Add the half-up hair poof and you've created the perfect retro look. DIY tip: Stick to neutral tones with your eyeshadow and play up the lip color a bit more to pull this one off. Go slightly heavier on top of the eye with both mascara and liner and keep the area under the eye as clean as possible. Perfectly groomed eyebrows are a must!
If you enjoy dancing to the beat of your own drummer like Lady Ga Ga and Cassie you can also make this look your own. The super dramatic smokey eye is contrasted with white eyeliner and (apparently) an outrageous 'do. Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester opted for a tamer hairstyle but winged out her eyeshadow to help grab attention. DIY tip: I definitely recommend you do a trial run for this look. Go heavy on the eyeshadow in either charcoal or black, line the inner rim of your eyes with white eyeliner and extend past the borders of the eyes with both white and black on the top and bottom. Add highlighter or glitter at the inner corners and under eyes for fun.
Pure Glamour
The night truly belonged to both Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Their class and sheer elegance were evident in their demeanor as well as their style. (How cool was it for Beyonce to invite Taylor onstage to complete her interrupted acceptance speech?). From the soft waves in their hair to their flawless complexions--It was old hollywood glamour at its best. DIY tip: Keep it simple. Stick with eyeshadow colors that are natural for your skintone and opt for liner in black, brown, navy or gray. False lashes are a must. Lips can be subtle or dramatic to complete your bombshell look. If you choose red or deep wine keep lip gloss to a minimum. Cheeks should match the lips but not overpower them.

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